by LikePrints Official Feb 16, 2020
LikePrints affiliate program
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Sharing is Caring

People buy from people they trust. That's pretty much a universal truth.
Additionally,share to your trust people about what you love,once they get purchased, there is a reward for you!


-Up to 15% commission rates are offered to our affiliates.

-Most customers buy more than $50 per visit with 5%-8% over-site conversion rate.

-Popular deals, hottest text links, and latest banners are regularly updated.

-30 days cookies allow you to earn commission even when visitors left your sites for weeks.

-2-tiered commission are available, you can invite friends to join our program and earn extra 10% commission!

-Datafeed is regularly renewed and is free for all the affiliates to use.


Step 1: Join one of our affiliate platforms below and get your unique URL Link.

Step 2: Spread your unique link to your families, friends and people you trust. And of course,your shopping experience on LikePrints.

Step 3: Check your affiliate platform dashboard,for each order you will get 15% commission!







Just think about it and join us!

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